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Richard B. Easley, President

Richard B. Easley, President


M.S. Engineering - University Of Texas at Austin ‘94

B.S. Civil Engineering - University Of Texas at Austin ‘92

A.S. Mathematics - Austin Community College ‘92

A.A.S. Civil Engineering Technology - Texas State Technical College ‘85


Employment History:

E-Squared Engineering - Founder and President (1998-present)

Castle Rock Consultants - Vice President (1996-1998)

ITS America - Sr. Staff Engineer/Interim Dir., ITS System Development and Deployment Department (1994-1997 dual assignment)

Center for Transportation Research/UT at Austin - Advanced Institute Fellow of Transportation Infrastructure Engineering and Management (1992-1994)

Exxon Company USA - Engineering Intern (1991)

Texas Dept of Transportation - Engineering Technician III (1987 -1991)

City of Austin - Construction Inspector for Street/Bridge and Water/Wastewater (1985 - 1987)

Trinity Engineering Testing Corp - Materials Testing Technician (1984- 1985)


Work Experience:

Mr. Richard Easley is based in Ashburn, Virginia, and has more than 34 years of experience in Civil Engineering in the areas of program management, design, planning, feasibility studies, materials inspection and testing and is taking a leading role in the planning and deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) technology on an international scale. This expertise comes from his project management experience on projects that are both local and national in scope as well as active committee and industry involvement working on local, regional, national and international transportation challenges.

Mr. Easley, President of E-Squared Consulting Corporation, leads E-Squared’s efforts on projects including New York State Thruway Authority (NYSTA) and the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey (PANYNJ) All Electronic Tolling system deployments, VDOT’s Washington Regional 511 Feasibility Study, Maine DOT ITS Operations and Maintenance Integration Plan, Lake Erie Transit ITS Deployment Plan, Grand Rapids Interurban Transit Partnership (ITP) ITS Consulting Support Contract, Fairfax Connector ITS Transit Planning, Orlando Regional Alliance for Next Generation Electronic Payment Systems (ORANGES – Electronic Payment Systems Operational Test for Transit, Toll, and Parking), International Parking Institute Technology Coordination Consultant, FDOT ITSFM system statewide developer and instructor, US DOT ITS Standards Course developer and instructor, US DOT National ITS Evaluation contractor, various state DOT sponsored transportation studies and other ITS related projects.  

Mr. Easley was contracted by the International Parking Institute to garner nationwide consensus on Electronic Payment Systems (EPS) Guiding Principles for the parking industry.  This included conducting workshops across the nation at selected regional and state parking association venues.  In addition to providing consulting expertise on EPS Guiding Principles, Mr. Easley led E-Squared’s efforts on the NCHRP project Guide for Multi-State Transportation Operations Programs.

Mr. Easley currently serves as past TRB Chairman of the Intermodal Freight Transport Committee and current Chairman of the TRB Regional Transportation Systems Management and Operations (RTSMO) Freight Subcommittee.  In the past he served as the Chairman of the ITS America Intermodal Task Force and the Vice-Chair of the Research, Integration, Training and Education Forum.  Mr. Easley also served as the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Goods Movement Council Chair and past President of ITS Maryland.  Mr. Easley’s other national and regional committee service includes the I-95 Corridor Coalition’s EPS, CVO, and Intermodal Program Tracks in addition to the ITS America Public Transit, and Transportation Systems, Operations and Planning (TSOP) Forums.   


Technical Committee Activity:

Transportation Research Board

TRB AT000  (Freight Systems Group Executive Board) member

TRB AT045  (Intermodal Freight Transport Committee) Past Chairman

TRB AHB10 (Regional Transportation Systems Management and Operations <RTSMO>    Committee) member

TRB AHB10 (Regional Transportation Systems Management and Operations <RTSMO> Freight    Subcommittee Chairman

TRB AHB15 (Intelligent Transportation Committee) member

TRB AP020 (Emerging and Innovative Public Transportation Systems and Technologies    Committee)

TRB North American Traffic Monitoring Exposition and Conference (NATMEC) Planning    Committee Member

National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP)

 - NCHRP 03-126 Operational Standards for Highway Infrastructure Project Panel Member

 - NCHRP 23-13(03) Guidance for State DOTs on Truck Rest and Service Areas for Critical    Supply Chain Delivery Project Panel Member

 - NCHRP 08-162 Identify Practices and Policies to Advance Social Justice and Equity into    Transportation Decision-Making Panel Member

Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP)

 -TCRP Project H-29 Project Panel Member

Innovations Deserving Exploratory Analysis (IDEA) Program

 - IDEA Transportation Safety Technology Committee Member


ITS America

Coordinating Council member (2000-2002)

Research, Integration, Training and Education (RITE) Forum member (Past Vice-Chairman)

Transportation Systems Operations and Planning (TSOP) Forum member

Commercial Vehicle Freight Mobility Forum (CVFM) Member

Advanced Public Transportation Systems Committee member

Commercial Vehicle Operations (CVO) Committee member

CVO Architecture and Standards Subcommittee (Past Chairman)

Intermodal Task Force (Past Chairman)

Electronic Commerce Blue Ribbon Panel Working Group member

Data Security and Privacy (DSAP) Task Force member

Payment Systems Task Force member

Payment Systems Task Force Education and Outreach Sub-Group (Past Chairman)

Payment Systems Task Force EPS Integration Strategies Sub-Group member

Payment Systems Task Force Standards and Interoperability Sub-Group member

ITS World Congress Committee

International Programs Committee member (London, Beijing, New York, Stockholm, Busan, Orlando, Vienna, Tokyo, Detroit, Bordeaux, Melbourne, Montreal, Copenhagen, Singapore, Los Angeles)

Americas Programs Committee member

ITS Canada

ITS Canada Board of Directors Member (Executive Committee member)

ITS Canada Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee member

ITS Maryland

ITS MD President (Past President/Board Chairman)

ITS Maryland Member (Board Member)

ITS United Kingdom (ITS UK)

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Task Force

National Society of Professional Engineers

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Advisory Committee member

Institute of Transportation Engineers

Coordinating Council member

Goods Movement Council (Past Chairman)

ITS Council member

Policy and Legislative Committee member

Management and Operations Task Force member

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance

ITS Committee member

I-95 Corridor Coalition

CVO Program Track Committee

Electronic Payment Systems Program Track Committee

Intermodal Program Track Committee

International Parking & Mobility Institute

Board of Directors (Board Member)

Board of Advisors (Board Member)

Electronic Payment Systems (EPS) Committee member

Parking Technology Committee member (Past Chairman)

ITS and Parking Task Force (Past Chairman)

International Outreach Committee member

IPI Headquarters Relocation Committee member


Towards the Future: The Promise of Intermodal and Multimodal Transportation Systems, Southwest Region University Transportation Center, 1994.

Applicability of the Technologies of ITS in CVO at the Port of Houston's Intermodal Container Terminal with Case Studies of Existing Systems, Southwest Region University Transportation Center, 1995.

Introduction to Electronic Payment Systems and Transportation Primer, Intelligent Transportation Society of America, 2000.

EPS Guiding Principles - Process Update.  The Parking Professional, Article in May 2001 edition.  International Parking Institute, 2001 (Authors: Richard Easley, Duke Hanson)

Benchmarking the Parking Profession - 2001 Edition.  International Parking Institute, 2001.

State of the ARTS - Advanced Rural Transportation Systems, Intelligent Transportation Society of America, 2001.

September 11th Attacks - Impacts on the Parking Industry.  The Parking Professional, Article in June 2002 edition.  International Parking Institute, 2002 (Authors: Richard Easley, Sharon Easley, Renee Morrison)

Benchmarking the Parking Profession - 2003 Edition.  International Parking Institute, 2003.

IPI Technology Committee - Making a Difference (Interoperability Thru Generic RFPs)  The Parking Professional, Article in May 2003 edition.  International Parking Institute, 2003 (Authors: Richard Easley, Mark Yedinak)

Florida Plans Implementation of Bypass Detection Station  The SunGuide Disseminator, Article in March 2004 edition.  Florida DOT Monthly Newsletter Publication, 2004 (Authors: Richard Easley, Sharon Easley, Craig Wilson)

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey's Freight Information and Real-Time System for Transport (FIRST)  The SunGuide Disseminator, Article in March 2004 edition.  Florida DOT Monthly Newsletter Publication, 2004 (Authors: Richard Easley, Sharon Easley, Karen Tobia)

Florida ITS Institutional Issues/Challenges White Paper, Florida DOT ITS Central Office (website), 2004.  (Authors: Richard Easley, Sharon Easley, Renee Morrison)

CVO Safety and Security in Florida - License Plate Readers in Action  The FDOT 2006 ITS Annual Report, 2006. The SunGuide Disseminator, Article in August 2006 edition.  Florida DOT Monthly Newsletter Publication, 2006  (Authors: Richard Easley, Sharon Easley)

Infrared Brake Testing - A Useful Screening Technology  The FDOT 2006 Incident Management and Commercial Vehicle Operations Annual Report, 2006. Article in 2006 edition.  Florida DOT Annual Report Publication, 2006  (Authors: Richard Easley, Sharon Easley)

Gamma Ray Technology - Protecting Florida's Citizenry, Agriculture, and Economy  The FDOT 2006 Incident Management and Commercial Vehicle Operations Annual Report, 2006. Article in 2006 edition.  Florida DOT Annual Report Publication, 2006  (Authors: Richard Easley, Sharon Easley)



IPI Certified Green Parking Garage Assessor

Certified Administrator of Public Parking (CAPP)

Successfully completed the "Using the National ITS Architecture - A Short Course on System Integration for ITS for Transportation Professionals" Training Course sponsored by the United States Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration

Successfully completed the "Basics of Bridge Inspection" Training Course sponsored by the Texas Department of Transportation

Successfully completed "Construction Inspector's Training Units I - VIII"  of the City of Austin Public Works Training Division through the Texas Engineering Extension Service (128 class hours)

Building Inspector, certified through the Southern Building Code Congress International




Awarded the “ITS Canada Distinguished Service Member Award” for the year 2020.

Inducted in the University of Texas at Austin’s Cockrell School of
Engineering Academy of Distinguished Alumni in the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, 2018

Awarded the coveted 2018 TRB Blue Ribbon Committee Award for ‘Contributing to TRB and the Transportation Community’ while TRB Intermodal Freight Committee Chairman

Awarded both the ITS America ‘2013 Most Outstanding Chapter Award’ and the ‘2013 Membership Growth Award’ while ITS Maryland Board Chairman

Jointly awarded the ITS America Outstanding Committee Contribution Award, 1996

Awarded the "Certificate of Dedication to Morgan State University ITS Student Chapter" by MSU Student Chapter President for assisting in the development of MSU students in the transportation profession, 1995

Selected as the Intelligent Vehicle Highway Society's first University/Industry Research Associate, 1993

Member, Order of the Engineer, 1992

Accepted into the University of Texas Sponsored "EXCEL", Excellence Through Research Program, 1992

Recipient of the "Outstanding President" Award, University of Texas, American Society of Civil Engineers  Student Chapter,1992

Recipient of Exxon Scholarship, Texas Public Works Assn. Scholarship, Texas Hot Mix Asphalt Association Scholarship, University of Texas Minority Engineering Scholarship



“You can never experience a ‘Dream come true’ if you don’t dream first...."

"You can get what you want, if you just help enough other people get what they want...."



Employment History

Work Experience

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